Help your tenants move home with ease with Movinghub’s utility connection service

Movinghub is a fast, free and reliable utility connection service for movers. Their team of dedicated Movologists are on hand to help your tenant move home by arranging the transfer or new connection of multiple utilities and home services at your tenant’s new property including electricity, gas, lpg, phone, broadband Sky TV and more.

From today, your office can take advantage of the service and refer tenants with ease, at the touch of a button. It also provides a great opportunity to generate an additional income stream for your business.

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How does the service work?

When applying for a property via Tenancy Tracker, an applicant can opt to utilise a utility connection service. If the applicant has indicated they wish to use the service, and they are successful in obtaining the tenancy, you can send their details off to Movinghub with the click of a button inside Tenancy Tracker.

Tenancy Tracker will send the request to Movinghub who in turn, will contact your tenant within 4 business hours to discuss the service and the utilities they want connected. Note, this is a no obligation service and no connections will be arranged until Movinghub has spoken to your tenant.

It’s that easy, at this point your job is done. You and your tenant will receive confirmation of the submission.

What happens next?

A Movologist will make all reasonable effort to contact your tenant within four business hours to verify their request. This is a short call to discuss the services your tenant wishes to have connected and to ensure they’re comfortable with our team acting on their behalf. Each Movologist will then work directly with the chosen service providers to arrange the connection(s) and in turn, will be on hand to support and manage your tenants move throughout the process.


Movinghub’s service is a value-added service you can provide tenants to help reduce their stress when moving. It’s also a great way to earn additional income for you and/or your business.

Movinghub pays excellent commissions in return for a successful referral and while the actual payment depends on what service your tenant takes up and the service providers they choose to use, at any time you can log into your Dashboard to view a commission statement and full transactional history of each referral.

Before we begin

If you would like to refer your tenants to Movinghub via Tenancy Tracker, you will need to register the office as a user. It’s easy to do, simply complete the following registration form.

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Note, you can refer your tenants via Tenancy Tracker even if you are an existing partner or user of Movinghub. If this is the case, any referrals you submit will appear in your existing Partner or Agent Dashboard and you will receive commission payments as currently outlined within your existing Dashboard.

Common FAQs

  • What is meant by “free”?

    While our moving service is free to your tenants, the supply of their utilities at their home is not. Standard service provider connection fees and charges still apply. However, your tenant pays NO additional charges as a result of using Movinghub’s service.

  • Is the service available nationally?

    Yes. We have utility partners across New Zealand, but availability of each individual utility service will depend on your tenant's exact address.

  • Can I use Movinghub’s service via Tenancy Tracker even if I am a registered user of ano ther Movinghub branded platform?

    Yes. You can refer your tenants to Movinghub using Tenancy Tracker even if you are an existing partner, or property manager of another Movinghub branded platform. If this is the case, any referrals you submit via Tenancy Tracker will appear in your existing Dashboard and you will receive commission payments as currently outlined within your Dashboard.

  • What’s a Movologist?

    A Movologist is a moving expert. Moving home can be a challenging time and sometimes things don’t go to plan, which is why our team of Movologists are on hand to provide your tenant with support throughout their move journey.

  • What utilities do we offer?

    Working directly with our selected service providers, we can arrange the connection of your tenant's electricity, gas, LPG, broadband, phone and Sky. Provided we work with your tenants existing service provider, we can relocate their existing accounts or alternatively, sign them up to a new service plan with a new service provider. While we work with the majority of New Zealand’s leading service providers, we make no commitment that this service contains all utility plans, offers or service providers available in the market. Availability of our plans, services and offers depend on a few things. For example, validation that the provider can supply to the address and acceptance of the connections application which may include a credit check by the relevant provider.

  • What partners do we work with?

    At the moment, we work with Genesis Energy, Energy Online, Contact Energy, Meridian, Powershop, Mercury Energy, Bosco, Tiny Mighty, Glo Bug, Vodafone, Slingshot, Orcon, Flip, 2Degrees, SKY and Trade Me Insurance. However, these partners and their offers may change from time to time. We are always working on new partners to ensure your tenant gets the best service providers for their new home.

  • Do we provide power and gas disconnection services?

    Yes, we provide disconnection services if your tenant is relocating with their existing service provider. However, to close an account, your tenant may be required to provide a final meter read. They can either provide this themselves or opt for the service provider to read it (a service provider charge may apply).

  • What notification timeframe do we require?

    The earlier we get your tenant's connection application, the more likely their utilities will be connected on the date they request. While we will endeavour to arrange the connections on their desired date – including on the ‘same day’ if their power connection is urgent, we cannot guarantee this. As a rule of thumb, at least three business days' notice before their move is recommended.

  • How long do power and gas connections take?

    The connections timeframes provided below are indicative only:

    • Standard next weekday reconnection; request received before 2pm day prior.
    • Urgent same day connections; subject to the provider.
    • Saturday connections; subject to availability and based on receiving the request before 2pm day prior.
    • If you have a new or altered gas or power connection, or if your supply has been disconnected for 6 months or longer, you may be required to provide a certificate of compliance or certificate of verification from a certified service provider before supply can commence.
    • LPG; up to 4 working days. Subject to change.

    Please note, urgent same day, afterhours, Saturday or Public Holiday connections may incur additional service provider fees. Weekend and public holiday connections are subject to availability. No connections can be arranged for Sunday. Connection requests received on a Saturday will be provisioned next business day.

  • How long do broadband connections take?

    As a rule of thumb, standard broadband connections take between 7-10 working days. However, fibre installations take much longer. Provided fibre is available at your property, it means connecting a fibre optic cable from the road to your tenant's home. Before proceeding with a fibre connection, your tenants chosen broadband provider will discuss the options with them and if they are a tenant, ensure they have the consent from the landlord to install fibre at the property.

  • How long does a SKY connection take?

    If your tenant's home does not have a SKY dish installed, we suggest they allow up to 10 business days for SKY to be connected to their new property. However, if their new home does have a dish installed already the connection timeframe should be much shorter. Either way, your tenant will hear from SKY within 24 hours to confirm their relocation or connection timeframe. Note, if your tenant is a tenant and a Sky dish is not installed at the property, consent to install the dish will need to be obtained from the landlord.

  • Do we arrange temp connections?

    Yes, there are three ways we can arrange a temp connection/holding account at a vacant property. Depending on your preference we can either:

    • Call the landlord/owner and set up the account in their name
    • Set up the account in your name
    • Set up the account in your business/office name

    Before we can proceed with Option 3 - you will need to obtain a Business Customer Number.

    To set up a Business Number or obtain a copy of our temp connection/holding account request form please email

  • How can I see what commission I am owed?

    A statement of commissions and payment history is available under the ‘Refer’ or ‘Wallet’ tab of your dashboard.

  • How often do you pay commissions?

    We pay commissions on the 28th of each month, however, payment of each individual referral is based on whether the connection has taken place and the service provider has reconciled and remunerated the sale (20th month following). As a rule of thumb, this can take a couple of months. For example, if a connection took place in September, we will reconcile this with the service provider first week Oct and they will pay, 20th month following, being November.

  • How can I change my dashboard password?

    Simply log in to your dashboard using your registered email and password. You can change your password under the ‘Profile’ tab.

  • Use of your tenant's personal information

    Movinghub does not disclose personal information about our customers for any other purpose than to arrange moving services. We will only disclose this personal information once consent has been obtained from your tenant to do so, and we will only disclose this information to applicable service providers for the purpose of fulfilling their service request.

  • What does Trade Me get out of this?

    Trade Me may receive a commission or fee if a tenant chooses to use Movinghub’s service.