Sign up for Tenancy Tracker

Get tenants to apply for properties online with ease!

  • Do you already use Viewing Tracker?

    If you already use Viewing Tracker please select yes. Viewing Tracker and Tenancy Tracker accounts are synced and managing your tenants is a lot easier.

  • To use Tenancy Tracker, use your Viewing Tracker log in details to access your Tenancy Tracker dashboard.

    To get started, please follow the below.

    Please note, you must be the owner of the business to sign your office up to Tenancy Tracker, or you must have permission rights for doing so:

    Log in to your Viewing Tracker settings page and click ‘Activate Tenancy Tracker’. This will then open a page with your office’s details for you to accept our terms and conditions. Once accepted, we will be sent your details telling us that your office would like to get going with Tenancy Tracker and we will send through a ‘get started’ email.