Tenancy Tracker enables tenants to apply for properties with ease, and property managers to simplify and streamline the application process.

Property managers

Track tenant applications the easy way

Use our simple online application system to allow tenants to apply for properties with ease. No more paper forms!

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  • Get tenants to apply for your properties with ease (simple online form).
  • Track applications via your Dashboard and give status updates to tenants as required.
  • Carry out reference checks, credit checks, help tenants with utilities - all from the one spot!
  • Significantly speed up the application process for your office.


Apply for rental properties with ease

Tired of filling out different application forms when applying for a rental property? Now with Tenancy Tracker you can fill in an application form once and easily apply for multiple properties without having to go through the painful process of a new application every time!

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  • Apply for properties using your Trade Me login details.
  • Speed up the application process by applying once and your details will be saved for next time.
  • Keep track of what properties you have applied for via your Dashboard.
  • Withdraw your interest in a property with ease once you are no longer interested.